Friday, February 09, 2018

Russian Navy to induct large Landing Ship Tank this spring...

via TASS
The large amphibious assault ship Ivan Gren is scheduled for delivery to the Russian Navy by the end of spring, Head of the United Ship-Building Corporation Alexei Rakhmanov told reporters on Friday.

"We are expecting any minute, so to speak. The task is to complete all the measures. I won’t give any specific timeframe but I believe that we are to complete everything by the end of spring," he said.
 The warship can carry 13 main battle tanks or 36 armored personnel carriers (infantry fighting vehicles), or up to 300 marines. The amphibious assault ship can also transport a reinforced marine infantry company with organic military hardware and land it with the use of pontoons.

The amphibious assault ship Ivan Gren is armed with 30mm six-barrel artillery systems and two Kamov Ka-29 transport/attack helicopters in its deck hangars.
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