Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Saudi Arabia does what we don't. Fire Generals that lose wars!

via Business Insider.
Saudi Arabia replaced several top military commanders, including the chief of staff and the heads of ground and air forces, in the latest overhaul of traditional power centers in the oil-rich kingdom.

No reason was given for the changes, which were announced in a series of late-night royal decrees approved by King Salman on Monday. Several civilian officials, including deputy ministers, were also replaced.
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Saudi Arabia does what we don't.  Fire Generals that lose wars!

It is beyond my comprehension how we can have a whole series of leaders that failed to seal the deal in Afghanistan.  We've trained so many of their people that the total number would probably equal the entire US Army.  We've invested so much money that we could probably have rebuilt entire swaths of our country.

Yet the misery continues.

The House of Saud is corrupt beyond measure.  They play a dangerous game of supporting terrorists yet at the sametime buying a measure of protection by purchasing weapons from all over.

Having said all that they still got this right.

If you can't do the job then get out the way and give someone else a chance.

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