Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Swedish NH-90 buy called a disaster!

via Sputnik
SVT domestic commentator Mats Knutsson went so far as to call the NH-90 the "biggest procurement blunder in modern times," pointing out that the Swedish government erroneously prioritized a unified Nordic procurement of the NH-90 over the "more affordable" Black Hawk.
To cut their losses, Sweden's Defense Council has examined various savings options, such as reducing the usage rate. One of the ideas is to prioritize the use of those NH-90s equipped for sea missions, with their transport counterparts to stay grounded as much as possible. However, if all transport operations involving the NH-90 were to be shut down, Swedish defense would end up with trained helicopter crews out of work, which is seen as a big problem, Swedish Radio reported.
Story here. 

This is interesting.

If even helicopters are reaching a point of breaking budgets (looking at the CH-53K) then we might be closer to fighting with sticks and stones than anyone wants to imagine.

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