Saturday, February 17, 2018

US Navy opts for the Advanced Super Hornet in all but name...we know how the F-35 vs Super Hornet comparison worked out!

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via Combat
US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is awarding Boeing a $219,600,000 contract for non-recurring efforts associated with Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) 6503 for the design, development, test and integration of the conformal fuel tanks (CFTs) for the Super Hornet.  Work will be completed in July 2022.

The Navy first said it would fund a number of the Advanced Super Hornet (ASH) capabilities under the Block III upgrade in June last year.

The concept for modernizing the ‘Rhino’ includes the CFTs, large area cockpit displays, a powerful new computer processor and a superfast digital network.

The Navy wants the CFTs, the Elbit 10 x 19-inch cockpit displays, the new computer, Distributed Targeting Processor-Networked (DTP-N) and ultra-fast high-band connectivity referred to as Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT).
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Don't believe me.  Follow the money.  The USN is in the process of buying the Advanced Super Hornet in bits and pieces.

They aren't buying it all at once, but if you follow their procurement then with the exception of the weapons pods they're on track to buy every widget that Boeing threw there way.

There is no need for an announcement from the SecDef's office with regard to how the F-35 vs Super Hornet comparison worked out.

It's now obvious the Super Hornet won and Mattis might not like the outcome but he will follow Navy wishes.

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