Friday, February 23, 2018

USAF speeds up development of 6th gen fighter...

Lockheed Martin's (LMT) F-35, a so-called fifth-generation fighter, hasn't hit full rate production yet, but the Air Force is already accelerating the development of a sixth generation fighter as China ramps up its military.

 The service is investing nearly $10 billion in the platform over the next five years, $2.7 billion more than previously planned, for the Next Generation Air Dominance system, which will likely include a fighter to replace current fifth generation platforms like the F-35 and Lockheed's F-22.

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson told reporters at a conference in Orlando Thursday that the system will have a "renewed emphasis" on electronic warfare, according to Aviation Week.

Lockheed's secretive Skunk Works division told IBD over the summer that a sixth-gen fighter would likely feature improved stealth as radar capabilities expand across the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as more autonomy, hypersonic technology and defensive laser systems.
Story here. 

Always follow the money.  Never listen to what they're saying but follow the money.

The Marine Corps is prioritizing amphibious combat vehicles this year?  Not according to the budget.

In that same vein the USAF has full confidence in the F-35?  Not according to the budget!

Not only are they not buying the full complement to push down the cost curve, not only are they not going to upgrade all the aircraft that they have in service now (which are suppose to be combat capable) but they're also investing MORE money in a next gen system.

That goes against everything we've been told about the F-35.

As far as what the 6th gen will be that's a different kettle of fish.  Some F-35 fanboys have floated the trial balloon (cause this ain't the first time we've heard that they're speeding up the 6th gen development) that the next fighter will be an  upgraded F-35.

Well with the features that the SecAF laid out we can say with almost certainty that won't be the case.

The F-35 already has cooling issues, lacks range and has little in the way of being improvable for increased stealth and additional systems.

You laugh at the SU-57 going to Syria?

That was a shot across the bow.

The Russians are telling us the same thing that the Chinese have.

They've closed the gap.  The advantage is gone.  If they meet us on the field of battle there will be no advantage for US forces.

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