Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What the hell is "Ghouta"??? & The EU is tired of the Ukraine drama...

via Reuters
Pro-government forces pounded the rebel-held district of eastern Ghouta outside the Syrian capital Damascus on Tuesday, in a surge of violence that a war monitor said had killed at least 250 people since Sunday night.
Story here. 

Ghouta first.

I had some readers talking about Ghouta in the comments section and didn't know what the fuss was about.  My reaction was "what the hell is Ghouta".  I didn't dig into it and now we have Reuters all over it.

Seems like the drama in Syria will continue.

This is disturbing.

 I thought we had one policy goal (yep, I'm repeating myself).  Kill ISIS.  The reason?  To stabalize Iraq and to end the massive flow of refugees into Europe.  An added side benefit would be to cut off the flow of terrorists and funding to that group.

That objective has been realized yet we're still playing in that quagmire.  We're doing this to ourselves.  World Wide Game Of Thrones is not a game we appear to play well.  Time to punch out.

via Reuters.
The European Union is shutting down a border checkpoint scheme with Ukraine, deepening doubts about Kiev’s ability to deliver reforms in return for billions in European aid.

The project to upgrade six Ukrainian checkpoints on the EU’s eastern frontier was launched in 2014, after Europe backed Kiev’s pro-Western leaders during the Crimean crisis.

The scheme aimed to help integrate Ukraine’s economy with those of its EU neighbors by building or modernizing checkpoints at crossings with Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. According to the EU, the projects were designed to cut border crossing times and improve customs procedures.

They foundered after a series of delays, missteps and cost overruns involving local officials and contractors, according to internal Ukrainian government correspondence, and correspondence between the European Commission and the Kiev authorities provided by a source at a government body.
Story here. 

Another mistake by the Clinton State Dept that we're paying for today.  Why anyone would want to be saddled with a country that is full of Nazis, corrupt beyond belief and a general basket case is beyond me but it appears that they wanted Ukraine in the EU.

Seriously?  Someone was smoking crack.

This is another McCain, Graham, Neo-Con, globalist folly.  I'll never understand the bipartisan love affair with our intervention in Ukraine but Russia slicing off Crimea is not worth our continued investment in that cesspool.


It's time to punch out.

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