Saturday, February 03, 2018

Why hasn't Russia (and others) developed proper TRAP Teams?

I don't know cause I'm not there.  Full stop.  This is just an observation from a million miles away that might be totally off and bat shit stupid.

I admit that at the very beginning.

But have you noticed that we're seeing pilots attacking enemy forces, getting into trouble and then being left out to dry?

That might not be the actual situation but it sure seems like it.

With Russian airplanes flying so close to enemy forces, employing the tactics that they are it would make sense to have someone flying orbits ready to fly in and protect the pilot from attack while their rescue forces fly in by helicopter.

What has me spinning is that we've seen this happen to a number of Russian pilots and once to a Jordanian flier. 

Minutes count and if rescue forces have to be spun up to gear up and get to the aircraft and then add more time to fly to the scene then we're doing it wrong.

If the Russians (and others) don't have forces dedicated to the Rescue/TRAP mission then they're doing it doubly wrong.

What is going on with Russia and its recovery/rescue of its pilots?

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