Wednesday, February 07, 2018

YPG Facebook Page.

Sputnik is running a story on how the Turks got pushed out of a small town near Afrin with the YPG claiming numerous Turk casualties, the capture of two terrorists and the destruction of two IFVs (here).

That led me to two things.

The first is that Nazism is rampant throughout the Middle East.  I've always known that it is but never considered it as a possible factor in the ongoing violence in the region.

We look and marvel at the tribalism and sectarian/religious violence but ignore that factor unless they're fighting Israel.

The second is the YPG Facebook Page (here).  The idea that we have these quasi groups (in some cases terrorists) that have formed, function as almost nation state armies and give them a platform on social media sites is amazing.

I don't know the answer.

It is ironic though that individuals are subject to draconian rules when it comes to posting material and can get shutdown in the blink of an eye but these type groups operate with impunity.

I don't understand modern business practices.  What is and isn't allowed is just beyond me these days.

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