Saturday, February 10, 2018

YPG is getting PERFECT flanking shots on Turk tanks!

JESUS!  This is like how they teach it at the schoolhouse!  A perfect flanking shot on a tank?  That's NOT suppose to happen in real life!  You're suppose to have to work your ass off for that kind of shot!  

I'm talking about crawling thru scrub brush, hiking hills, giving the bugs that crawl by you names cause you're on your belly long enough for them to make the return trip....

I've been watching the vids and getting descriptions of the fighting but I really need to get on Google maps and look at the terrain and disposition of forces.

These Turk soldiers, no matter how we feel about their leadership, are literally fighting for their lives.  Either they're being put into TERRIBLE positions or their training was piss poor.

I really want the answer to that question.

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