Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Alligator Lightning....vid by Staff Sgt. Jacob Osborne and Cpl. Tyler Harrison

Some of you jokers will say this is cool.  Some of you collectivist will say this is the way of the future.

I say fuck you.

This makes absolutely no sense.

What benefit does this deliver to the US Marine Corps, and our national security to operate from a French warship?

How does this make the Corps faster, or more lethal?

It fucking doesn't.

This is a re-run of Amos' bullshit of forming a SPMAGTF-CR that served no purpose other than to wear down our forces and push an aviation centric meme.

We have a Marine Corps of 175, 000 plus (don't know the exact it up to 186K now), but we still have the same number of MEUs.  We're pushing SPMAGTF-CRs and now we have this foreign ship shit.

They're make work projects that hide the reality.

Combatant Commanders are making calls for forces that serve no purpose except to guild their individual kingdoms, this forward deployment nonsense is not detering anyone and as things currently stand we have enough amphibious ships to meet mission without jumping aboard foreign ships and confusing the issue if the balloon goes up unexpectedly somewhere.

So is this cool?  Perhaps.  Is it batshit stupid?  You bet your ass.

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