Tuesday, March 27, 2018

CCTV - China DF-10 Cruise Missiles Rapid Deployment Live Firing

Let's call this what it is.  Chinese porn.  The fanboy sites are going crazy talking about the might of the Red Dragon and how the future belongs to them.

To our Neo-Cons, Democrats, Establishment Republicans and Eastern Europeans that see Russia as I threat I simply ask this question.

Are you fucking smoking crack?

Russia has a small conventional force that IS NOT equipped to challenge NATO.  If you INSIST on making them the enemy then understand that they can easily be contained.

What Russia has is a formidable strategic force that should give pause but that is a defense force, not offensive.

The real focus for ANYONE that is seriously looking at defense issues should be China.

They are building a force to directly confront us and beat us at our own game. The days of an enemy using asymmetric warfare because we were so overpowering is over.

China is staring us in the face and telling us that they'd take pleasure in gutting us.  We got to get hard fast.

The mistake that many are making?

They refuse to see the real face of China and hope for the best.  China is the most dangerous of foes.

They're an ancient country, with animosity that stretches back centuries, but they're fueled with modern tech and a renewed martial attitude not seen since Genghis Khan roamed the earth.

Resolve, focus, hard work and the willingness to do the hard thing is what's required to win the coming war of national survival.

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