Friday, March 09, 2018

HushKit blog talks Top Ten BVR Fighters...

Check it out here.


I so disagree with his list that it ain't funny.  Still it's an interesting take on things.

Wonder if we should do a few of those on armored vehicles?  Best tank in the desert, urban, or jungles.  Same for IFVs and APCs.

What's the best attack, utility, cargo, penetrator helicopter etc....

It might be fun or it could devolve into batshit crazy flag waving for your favorite domestic product.

Sneak preview.

Best wheeled APC?  Eitan.  Best tracked IFV?  CV30/40.  Best wheeled IFV? Tie between Patria AMV & Terrex 3.

Yep.  We're gonna do this!

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