Saturday, March 10, 2018

I was wrong about war on the Korean Peninsula...what did I miss?

DC is abuzz about Trump meeting with the little fat boy to discuss their nuclear arms program.

I figured we'd be seeing airstrikes on certain sites in N. Korea by now.  So how did I get this wrong?

The Pentagon followed the well established script for the march to war. 

We heard more and more warnings about the grave threat of nukes in N. Korea.  We got estimates of the number of casualties if we undertook the endeavor.  Everyone witnessed the massive shows of force off the coast of N. Korea.

Little Fat Boy seemed convinced that they were coming for him.


SOCOM went outside of usual procedure and talked about a decapitation raid against the N. Korean "Command Authority" in concert with S. Korean Special Ops.

Even Japan was beating the war hammer.

Everything pointed toward combat either before or shortly after the Olympics.


Like a bolt out of the blue.


No more displays of force.

Tillerson started talking about diplomacy working.

Mattis and Dunford over at DoD were strangely silent.

And now the meeting between Little Fat Boy and Trump.

I missed something big but can't figure out what it was.

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