Monday, March 26, 2018

Israel once again interested in the V-22?

via Jewish
In 2017, a media report suggested Israel had frozen its evaluation of the V-22 Osprey, “with a senior defense source indicating that the tiltrotor is unable to perform some missions currently conducted using the Sikorsky CH-53 transport helicopters.”

But seeing the aircraft in action during the Juniper Cobra 2018 may have changed some minds at the decision-making level in Israel, and, according to Israeli sources cited by Defense Industry Daily, a V-22 deal could be considered, “in small numbers.”
Story here. 


How many is "small numbers" and what missions are they looking at when they talk about it not being able to perform some missions conducted by the CH-53?

I wonder.

Is this a gambit by the Israeli Air Force?  Are they telling the Israeli Army that ok, we'll buy CH-47's and not CH-53K's but we get a few V-22's to make the deal work?

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