Thursday, March 15, 2018

It begins in Australia. Accusations of pork barrel spending w/regard to the Boxer CRV selection...

via The Australian.
One of Rheinmetall’s selling points had been a promise to build the vehicles at Redbank just west of Brisbane.

The announcement infuriated the Victorian government, which had hoped the contract would be awarded to a BAE Systems proposal that would have involved assembling its Patria vehicles at Holden’s former manufacturing plant at Fishermans Bend in Melbourne. The bid would also have involved supply-chain company Marand looking to build the Patria’s hulls and turret shells in Geelong where the state government hoped about 60 jobs could be created for former car workers.

Victorian Premier Daniel ­Andrews took to Twitter blasting the decision and referencing the fact the Liberal National Party had nine marginal seats in Queensland.

“We were best placed to build these vehicles that would defend our nation — but we couldn’t provide the electoral boost that would defend Malcolm Turnbull’s ­career,” he said.

Frustrated Victorian Industry and Employment Minister Ben Carroll described the decision as purely political.

“This is a disgraceful decision that is based on the political interests of Dan Tehan and Malcolm Turnbull, not the national security interests of our country,’’ he said.
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I don't know Australian politics but I've heard from Australian readers over and over and one thing both boosters and critics of the Boxer have agreed on.

Where the damn thing would be built would play a role.

Am I surprised?


The F-35 led the way with this filthy business so I would expect others to follow thru.

What can we expect now?

A hiring spree so that jobs can be linked to the project to make it cancel proof.  I would even expect expedited production if things start to look iffy.

Welcome to the brave new defense procurement world.

It ain't about the defense of a nation, its about votes and jobs, taxpayer cost be damned.

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