Friday, March 16, 2018

Let me take another swing at explaining why I don't cover India & deal with the India bashing from yesterday's post...

Let's talk India bashing and why I don't cover them as much as some would like.

Everyone needs to remember that it was in response to an article that reported that the Indian Army declared much of it's equipment to be obsolete and that they weren't ready for war.

I remarked how stunning that was considering the recent dust up with China. The bluster that I heard from the Indian side was beyond interesting.  It bordered on the almost arrogant.  While I agreed that the Indians would give China all it could handle and more that wasn't good enough for some.

I heard outright declarations that the Indians would curb stomp China and would win even if it escalated.  The impression I got was that included into the realm of nuclear war.

So to hear that from the Indian Army gobsmacked me.

As with all the posts I do on this blog, readers commented and many were anything but subtle in their criticism of Indian procurement.

I can't blame them.  I've been beyond frustrated in my attempts to cover them.  How long have we heard of the Tejas fighter?  How many stops and starts have we had?  What about the Arjun?  The purchase of the Rafales from France?  Their toying with buying Super Hornets, the idea of a production line for F-16s and other deals?

You know how I've railed against the F-35, you know how I've bitched about what I consider the delayed ACV purchase and many other projects worldwide.

But when it comes to India there is always smoke but no fire.

After a certain point you say I'll get to it when I see something concrete.

I don't know how to make it anymore clear.  I have nothing against India but even they admit that their procurement is fucked up from the floor up.

As far as the bashing is concerned.

Alot of it is in the eye of the beholder.  I haven't monitored the conversation on that post but I'll swing thru this morning to see what was said. 

Don't get me wrong.  I know for a fact I have racists that read this blog.  I know for a fact that I have trolls here that will take any opportunity to post offensive shit just for giggles.

But I also know that uncomfortable truths are uncomfortable truths and while they might sting if you're the particular party being discussed it doesn't make it any less true.

The point of all this?

I received an e-mail complaining about that blog post.  He wanted to know who posted that link to the article and the circumstances regarding the conversation (I assume he thinks it was given in the open comments section).

Well I got it via e-mail and I decided to run with it because I considered it important.

As far as the comments?  I will police them but if they don't cross the line they'll stay up.

No hate on India but no special treatment either.  If your Ministry of Defense is fucking up then I'll call balls and strikes.  Just the facts.  Nothing else.

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