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List of Dept of the Navy Flight & Ground Class A Mishaps from FY 2017-Feb 2018

The most recent (FY 2017-14 Feb 2018) DoN flight Class A mishaps include:

• 11 Dec 2017 (Tinker AFB, OK): E-6A struck birds during descent, leading to number 4
engine flameout.

• 04 Dec 2017 (NAS Fallon): FA-18A right leading edge flap departed aircraft in flight
and hit the vertical stabilizer.

• 22 Nov 2017: (Philippine Sea) C-2A ditched while inbound to CVN with 11 onboard.
Three fatalities.

• 11 Oct 2017: (Futenma MCAS, Japan) CH-53E engine fire in flight, emergency landing.
No injuries.

• 01 Oct 2017: (Monroe County, TN) T-45C crashed on low-level training route. Two

• 28 Sep 2017: (Syria) MV-22B crashed on landing during support mission.

• 12 Aug 2017: (Bahrain) F/A-18E departed runway during landing after a ship to shore
divert due to an engine malfunction. Pilot ejected. No injuries.

• 09 Aug 2017: (25 Miles South of Key West, FL) F-5N went down over water. Pilot
ejected safely.

• 05 Aug 2017: (15 nm off NE Australia IVO Shoal Water Bay) MV-22B struck LPD flight
deck on final approach and then crashed into water. Three personnel are missing and
presumed deceased. 23 recovered.

• 05 Aug 2017: (North Island NAS, CA) F/A-18F struck round down with right horizontal
stabilator upon landing. Diverted successfully.

• 16 Jul 2017: (Bay of Bengal) F/A-18F engine borescope plug backed out in flight
causing hot air to burn to engine bay and aircraft skin.

• 10 Jul 2017: (Indianola, MS) KC-130T crashed on logistics flight from Cherry Point to El
Centro. 16 fatalities.

• 27 Apr 2017: (Off the Coast of Guam) MH-60R collided with water on initial takeoff
from ship. No injuries.

• 21 Apr 2017: (Philippine Sea) F-18E lost on approach to landing on carrier. Pilot ejected
without injury prior to water impact.

• 05 Apr 2017: (Yuma, AZ) CH-53E landed hard and rolled on day training flight. Crew of
five uninjured.

• 28 Mar 2017: (El Centro NAF) HH-60H main rotor blades contacted tail rotor driveshaft
on landing.

• 17 Jan 2017: (NAS Meridian, MS) T-45 crashed following a BASH incident on takeoff.
Both crewmembers ejected. No fatalities.

• 12 Dec 2016: (Off the Coast of Okinawa, Japan) MV-22B attempted a precautionary
emergency landing (PEL) to dry land but crash landed in shallow water. Crew of five
evacuated with injuries.

• 07 Dec 2016: (Off the Coast of Iwakuni MCAS, Japan) F/A-18C crashed into the water
while conducting a night mission. One fatality.

• 21 Nov 2016: (Upper Mojave Desert Region) F/A-18F struck a tree while instructor pilot
was conducting a currency flight event. Returned to base safely. No injuries.

• 09 Nov 2016: (Off the Coast of San Diego) Two F/A-18As were conducting basic flight
maneuvers and had a mid-air collision. One aircraft crashed in the water. Pilot ejected
successfully. One aircraft landed with significant damage.

• 27 Oct 2016: (MCAS Beaufort, SC) F/A-35B had an inflight weapons bay fire followed
by an uneventful landing. No injuries.

• 25 Oct 2016: (Twentynine Palms, CA) F/A-18C crashed on final approach. Pilot ejected
successfully. No injuries.

• 20 Oct 2016: (Yuma, AZ) CH-53E main rotor contacted building causing damage to the

DoN Class A aviation ground and Flight Related mishaps (AGM and FRM):

• 17 Aug 2017: (NW of San Clemente Island) MH-60R lost SONAR transducer at sea.

• 11 Jul 2017: (New River MCAS, NC) Maintenance personnel struck by lightning on the
flight line while working on MV-22B. One fatality. Two others were treated and released.

• 25 Jun 2017: (MCAS Miramar, CA) Two Marines injured and F/A-18A damaged after
flammable material in drip pan caught fire. (AGM)

• 19 Jan 2017: (NAS Norfolk, VA) Three E-2C aircraft damaged in an engine oil related
event. (AGM)

• 18 Dec 2016: (Kadena AFB, Japan) Tow bar separation resulted in aircraft/tow collision
with damage to nose gear and lower fuselage of P-8A. (AGM)

• 15 Dec 2016: (NAS Whidbey Island, WA) Canopy on EA-18G exploded/jettisoned
resulting in severe injuries to two personnel. (AGM)
NOTE!  The above is from testimony of the aviation chiefs of the Navy and Marine Corps to the House Armed Services Committee on SeaPower. 

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