Thursday, March 08, 2018

Lockheed Martin CEO calls her company a national asset???

via Defense News.
Hewson sat down with Defense News in an exclusive interview March 5, in which she spoke about the company’s position within the defense industrial complex and the influence that comes with being the largest defense company on the globe.

“We in my view have the honor and privilege of leading what is a national asset,” Hewson said. “What we do for this country, men and women in uniform, and the things that we do on advanced discovery that helps change people’s lives, the things that we do to support innovation and growth and jobs, is an important element of the economy. So I take that responsibility very seriously.”

Hewson’s comments were specifically in response to a Washington Post article that noted Lockheed Martin’s revenue from government contracts as being more than the budget of many federal agencies — $35.2 billion, or 70 percent of its total sales. The article went on to compare Hewson’s influence to that of a cabinet-level secretary, if not greater.
Story here.

This is one of those things that I WILL NEVER forgive Bush Jr and the clowns in his cabinet for.

Those idiots allowed the consolidation of the defense sector because of their misguided belief, almost worship, of free markets.


We can correct things but just like with unfair trade the American people and ESPECIALLY the US military must be prepared to deal with some pain.

The only answer is to chop up the big defense corporations.

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