Sunday, March 11, 2018

More SU-35's for China?

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ultiple sources within Russia and the People’s Liberation Army Air Force suggest that Beijing and Moscow may have struck a preliminary deal for procurement by the PLAAF of more of Russian-made Sukhoi Su-35 fighters.

Hong Kong-based military monthly Kanwa Defense Review reported in February that the second batch of the highly maneuverable aircraft with thrust-vectoring engines had already descended on PLA airbases in southern China.

Among those tipped as the likely locations to service and hangar the multi-role air-superiority fighters is the Suixi airbase in southern China’s Guangdong province, which is under the PLA’s Southern Theater Command.

Several Su-35s joined the PLA’s recent circumnavigations of Taiwan and air patrols above the South China Sea, along with Su-30s, H-6K bombers and  jammer aircraft.


It’s also said that Beijing has made it clear that more orders can only come under the parameters of knowledge transfer and localized production of some sub-systems and avionics, a tried and true tactic to replicate overseas technologies for cheaper, home-made alternatives.

Still, analysts say Russia may be willing to oblige now that there is a genuine rapport between the two powers, and a plethora of bilateral co-development and co-production of weapons and planes – ranging from cruise missiles to wide-body airliners – is also making headway.
Story here. 

More proof of my belief that the rise of China is based solely on the greed of American corporations and the idiocy of "free market" zealots...along with a blind intel/defense community that is unable to protect our secrets.

A nation that is building a 5th gen fighter and has the Chinese "Lavi" (thanks Israel) is still seeking to buy Russian 4th gen fighters along with intellectual property?

That tells me...

1.  The Russians were able to safeguard their gear.  This won't be the first time they've bought SU-35s and China doesn't give a fuck about being labeled thieves so somehow they kept them from being able to reverse engineer the thing.

2.  This nation of engineers...the people that are suppose to lead the world in STEM, can't even reverse engineer the SU-35?  They aren't as solid as I thought.

3.  How formidable is the J-20 with them making this move?  Are they seeking to bolster their overall number of fighters?  If so why not push the J-10?

Gotta chew on this one.

On the surface it makes no sense and means I'll have to reconsider my thinking on the Chinese military, their REAL technology base and how that fits into their rise.

Don't get me wrong.

They're still a threat but apparently a few well placed sanctions on certain dual use tech can cripple them not only economically but also militarily.

Now imagine this.

Imagine we didn't have the Russia-phobes running rampant in Congress and the media.  Imagine we had at least TRADE and cooperation in space and military affairs.  Imagine we had good, not great but good relations.

Now think about the sale.

Think about it in the era of Trump.

The phone call would go like this.  Hey Vlad this is your boy Trump.  How ya doing cowboy?  Good.  Hey check this out.  I hear you're gonna sell planes to China.  Yeah its your business but I think I gotta a better deal for ya.  How about you negate that deal with them, sell us oil for our strategic reserve of equal value, you keep your tech, push the money where ever you want in our economy and we get to sleep a little better about the Red Dragon.

And who knows Vlad, you might need our help on something?  Don't need an answer now but get back to me ok?  Be well.  See ya in Geneva at the next meeting.  Wait I got a Veteran's Day parade, care to visit?

That's why this Russia Phobia is so enraging.  We really should be allied with them, not shadow boxing.

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