Friday, March 02, 2018

S. Korean troops to the UAE if they become involved in a conflict?

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via Korea Times.
A former defense minister has admitted that South Korea reached a secret deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2009 to send troops to the Middle Eastern country if it became engaged in a military conflict.

In an interview published Tuesday, Kim Tae-young, who served as defense minister under the Lee Myung-bak administration, said he decided to keep the deal a secret due to a possible backlash here.

The revelation is causing a stir, as officials of the Lee government have claimed there were no secret deals with the UAE linked to a nuclear plant project there. The suspicions regarding secret deals have triggered rumors about former administrations and the nuclear project, which emerged after presidential chief of staff Im Jong-seok visited the country in December.

Kim said the two countries agreed in 2009 that Korean troops would automatically intervene if the UAE became involved in a military conflict.
Story here. 

Surprising on a number of levels.  Didn't think the S. Koreans would deploy for hostilities so far away.  Next I wonder if the US was aware of this deal.  Last, I'm no bible thumper but supposedly some believe that there is gonna be a big ass war in the Middle East involving all the world's nations.

This would kinda explain how the S. Koreans get invited to that party (assuming you believe that kind of thing).

But overall.

I bet the public would be amazed and SHOCKED to know how many deal/treaties etc...just like this one, have been made.

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