Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday Weird. Car spotted with spokes a foot is this not illegal?

via Gizmodo.
This is a short video of a Cadillac spotted in Houston, Texas with wire rims protruding further than a foot out from each of its wheels. It's a perfect example of how to do it completely wrong. Although, I don't have much room to talk, I rock spokey dokes on all my rims and a baseball card between the spokes of my back wheel. "You're talking about your bike." No, I'm talking about my Ferrari. Of course my bike I've never even had a driver's license, but only because I refused to take my mask off for the photo. "Plus you failed the driving test." That creek came out of nowhere.
Story and vid here. 

Gizmodo took a light hearted look at this but I have to wonder.  How is this NOT illegal?  Some might just laugh and say its weird and some will even grin at the absurdity of it all but all I see is an enhanced weapon!  Imagine this car rolling down a sidestreet and you're a pedestrian.  You get over, the bozo driving this monstrosity is texting or not paying attention and you're hit by those spindles from chariots from days gone by.

I mean it worked in ancient times and since human physiology
 hasn't changed much it should work on meatbags today.

Yeah I know.  I should chill out it's no big deal...especially in light of everything going on.

I get that point of view but seriously...all I see is bad things ahead if this becomes the new "hotness".

Sidenote.  How much did this clown pay for that batshit crazy accessory?

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