Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SNAFU! is now secure! We're running a little blog news.

Many of you asked for it because HTTP isn't allowed on computers at your place of work.

I/We listened.

SNAFU! is now secure and available under HTTPS protocols.

What does that mean?  A more secure connection for you.  Less "false" or "cloned" blogs masquerading as SNAFU! and a general win across the board.

You probably won't notice a thing but I'm beyond pleased.

The only other part of news I have is that its been BEYOND busy this week and I'm just beginning to hit e-mails.  If you wrote and I haven't responded, I apologize in advance and want to let you know that I'll be in touch over the next 3 days...with the bulk of the "catch up" hitting on Friday.

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