Sunday, March 18, 2018

Stinger w/Stinger & Longbow Missiles...The US Army is stumbling forward on air defense...

Thanks to Ricky Bobby for the link!


I don't know about this.  Missiles against slow moving UAVs?  Against a HMMWV?  Seems like a waste.

But I can't be too critical.  The reality is that they're making steps to bringing back a REAL air defense capability to their maneuver force.  That's a real good thing.


Now we need the Marine Corps to unwed itself from this bastardized concept of the ground element being wedded to Marine Air for air defense.

Everything we heard from the previous Deputy Commandant for Aviation indicates that they're going their own way.  From transforming LHAs to F-35 carriers and leaving the GCE on the pier to participating in the deep battle with Navy Air and the USAF.  Cobra AH-1Zs along with Huey UH-1Ys ain't gonna cut it against emerging threats.

The Marine Corps needs to piggyback on Army developments and rebuild its ADA too!

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