Sunday, March 25, 2018

US AFRL - 6th Gen Hypersonic Stealth Fighter, Stealth UCAVs & Swarm UAVs Concept...some of this stuff I just don't get!

I love concept vids.

But sometimes I just don't get the thinking behind them.

The F-35 leading a gaggle of combat capable stealth UAVs?  Why?  Why would you risk a manned pilot to control six UAVs?  Even if its "practical" why would you want to overload a single pilot that way?  Why not give it to a dedicated UAV control bird based on a business jet?

That microwave UAV knocking out the lights?  We've already seen that and its cool as fuck as long as you're not on the receiving end .

Of course the 6th gen fighter was beyond cool but the UAV swarm out the back of a C-130?  Don't get that one at all.  I would think smaller more expendable (as in unmanned) would be better and more practical as delivery systems.

But I'm nitpicking.

I like the vid and the general direction they're going.  I just hope we're not seeing a rerun of all the concepts that flourished after the cold war was over and were scrapped in mass when the war on terror hit.

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