Thursday, March 08, 2018

Wow! Trump just pulled the first brick out of the global economic ponzi scheme!

I didn't think he'd have the balls to do it.

I can't believe he actually defied the usual cast of suspects (to include Paul Ryan...much to my anger...I thought dude was solid) and the news media that have been beating the drum on how this would hurt the American worker.

The fact.

It will hurt.

It will hurt China more.  S. Korea will be in for a bruising as will Canada, India, Mexico and a whole host of others.

It will even hurt the American people.

But this will be the good kind of pain.

Globalization has suffered its first real setback since the collapse of falsely rising oil and gas prices.

I'm surprised it took him this long. 

But how can this be offset?  I'm looking at a big infrastructure bill.  Spending at home will work wonders to keep the economy boosted.

The bad thing?

The US military can kiss goodbye any thoughts of continued increased defense spending.

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