Thursday, April 19, 2018

Air National Guard Colonel went full retard? Or is it the fault of the people he reports to?

Oh shit moments have consequences.  Ya still gotta man up to them, but you gotta deal with the consequences.  Check this out via Air Force Times.
The Tennessee Air National Guard colonel who led a re-enlistment ceremony in which a senior noncommissioned officer recited her oath using a dinosaur puppet has been demoted and retired.

Army Maj. Gen. Terry Haston, the adjutant general for the Tennessee National Guard, also announced in a Facebook post Wednesday that Master Sgt. Robin Brown, the SNCO whose videotaped re-enlistment ceremony created a firestorm online, has been removed from her full-time job with the Tennessee Joint Public Affairs Office and is facing other administrative actions.

Haston also said that another Tennessee Air National Guardsman — an unidentified SNCO who videotaped the event ― has been removed from his job as unit first sergeant and has been reprimanded. That SNCO will stay in the Guard.

Brown could be identified in the video because she said her name as part of the re-enlistment oath.

Randy Harris, the director of joint public affairs for the Tennessee Military Department, refused to identify the other airmen who have been punished.

William Jones, a spokesman for the joint public affairs office for the Tennessee National Guard, said that it was an official re-enlistment ceremony. Brown’s children were not in attendance, Jones said, but the video was made for them to watch later.
Story here.

On a serious note the military has itself to blame on this one.  Remember back during the height of the war in Afghanistan at Camp Bastion just a few weeks before it was attacked?

Marines at that base did a music video.  It was applauded at HQMC.

Remember when Marines had this stupid craze of asking celebrities to the Marine Ball?  It was applauded initially at HQMC, then the brakes were put on it when celebrities started balking at going.  But remember it was initially applauded.

Remember when a few Marines posted a video of them singing the lines to FROZEN?  The news media ate it up while I cringed my ass off.  I don't know the stance of HQMC but their silence said everything I needed to hear.

I use these examples from the Marine Corps of a loosening of basic social discipline because I have limited visibility on what's going on inside the USAF.

All that was said to emphasize this.  The lines for even senior leadership has become fuzzy.

If a Colonel and a Senior Airman are so confused about what is and isn't acceptable at a reenlistment ceremony then maybe it's not the Colonel that has gone full retard but the people he reports to.

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