Sunday, April 15, 2018

Blame corporate America not the police for this latest idiocy...


I don't know what to say about America today.  Racism?  Real deal hatred based on skin color not on character is real.

But there is another thing.

Silliness on a string.

I consider this to be one of those cases.  Corporate America is so batshit crazy and has decided to put their finger on the scale in all these social issues that they're getting themselves into a box.

Starbucks is a PRIME case of this.

Remember a few years ago when they went thru a phase of refusing to serve cops?


Now they're going after a couple of black guys waiting for a meeting.  The whole thing was goofy as hell.  Just buy a cup of coffee or leave.  When cops show up and they ask you to leave just fucking leave.

It's not worth the drama when there are real world things happening but here we are.

There is one other dynamic at play that I don't understand.  Maybe its because I find buying 6 dollar a cup designer coffee batshit STUPID but Starbucks has sought to develop a kind of culture where people go there to hangout.

So they kinda brought this on themselves.

Regardless, this is just something I noted on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Is it important?  Nope.  Does it cause me to rage?  Nope.  Do I think it's silly?  Yep.  Do I think the cops fucked up?  Nope...follow the link and listen to the Philadelphia Police Chief.  

So long short?

Starbucks is a fucked up company with a weird operating principle, trying to portray themselves as socially responsible that finally got hoisted on the sharp end of a long sword.  Fuck'em. 

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