Tuesday, April 24, 2018

BMC wins contract to build the Altay Main Battle Tank...Turkey does it right!

via Hurriyet
BMC, a Turkish-Qatari armored vehicles manufacturer, has won a key contract on the road to developing and producing the country’s main battle tank, dubbed “Altay,” defense sources told state-run Anadolu Agency on April 24.

It was decided to start contract talks with BMC for the mass production of Altay and the development of its engine, according to sources.

Any financial or production details were not yet released.

In the Altay mass production race BMC was competing with FNSS and Koç Holding’s Otokar, the maker of Altay’s prototypes.

The companies, including the public engine maker Tümosan as well as BMC, Figes Fizik, Istanbul Denizcilik and Tusaş Motor, were last year invited to start work on the engine development.
I can't stand the Turkish president.  In my mind he's a baby Hitler in the making and has ambitions of conquer/conquest that MUST be blunted.

But you have to admire the way the Turks approached this procurement...they're just doing it right.

Otokar built the prototypes but doesn't get to build the production models?

That is just too awesome.  If BMC charges too much (theoretically...I've heard many stories of cronyism/fraud/corruption with that company with regard to the govt) then Otokar or FNSS can be called on.

If something terrible happens and they need many more then all three companies can be called on.

Imagine if Lockheed Martin built the prototype F-35 and then it was bid on with BAE, Boeing, SAAB etc...all trying to get the contract. 

Imagine what we could have done when things went south...ok LM, you tried and failed, you want to try at this SAAB?

This should be our model.

The Turks might have relearned something we knew in WW2 but for some reason got away from it.  Expand this a bit further and we could see dynamic new partnerships.  BAE N. America and Ford to build the ACV at an affordable price and so on.

I like it.

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