Thursday, April 19, 2018

China flexing its military muscle...jams US Navy aircraft...

via Sputnik.
When the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier cruised through the South China Sea last week, one US Navy pilot encountered Chinese jamming technology interfering with his plane’s equipment, according to a report.

"The mere fact that some of your equipment is not working is already an indication that someone is trying to jam you," an EA-18G Growler pilot told GMA News on April 14, adding that "we have an answer to that." The Growler is a carrier-based, electronic warfare variant of the F/A-18 Super Hornet.

According to Omar Lamrani, a defense analyst at consulting company Stratfor, however, "this is not something that the US will look kindly on," Business Insider reported Wednesday. While the manned Growler plane is unlikely to be significantly impacted by jammers, Lamrani said, drones are more susceptible to electronic jamming threats.
Story here. 

This behavior is expected.  It's almost directly out of their playbook.  The goal? To placate American political and business leadership into believing that cooperation is possible just long enough to achieve military superiority.

The problem?

The plan is working.

But make no mistake.  China is testing us.  Flexing its muscle and will continue to push until they meet real resistance.

This is why all the A2/AD talk annoys the hell outta me.  We aren't facing "Anti-Access"!  We're already in their backyard. 


What annoys further is that the A2/AD talk instead of the more properly named containment concept won't change one bit of procurement we're working on.  IT WILL HOWEVER properly orient our forces!  Scattered bases around the region just won't do.  Additionally this fight will be mostly Navy and Air Force.  The Marines will have a part to play and so will select Army units but make no mistake this is a USN/USAF affair.

Acknowledge the threat.  Attempt to contain the threat.  If that fails then confront the threat.  That is the mindset we need with China.

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