Friday, April 13, 2018

China shows off its Naval Power...via China Defense Blog.

Click on that pic to enlarge it.

Then identify the ships and drink in the reality.

The Chinese are catching up (if they haven't caught up) with us.  Maybe not on a global level but certainly regionally.

I just had a cold realization.

The "hot thing" is to think about how we penetrate their A2/AD.  Maybe we should understand that we're already there and we don't need to penetrate a thing.

Maybe we should be more concerned with repulsing an attack that aims to KICK US OUT of the region.


It ain't fun to think about and everyone likes to be on the offense but I'm starting to believe that we need to adjust and start thinking about defensive operations against a numerically superior and technologically capable foe.

The weapons we're currently buying would work, its just the mindset that will have to change.

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