Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Deputy killed, his cruiser stolen and an armed robbery committed...Sovereign Citizens have to be targeted...

via Washington Post.
 A Maine man killed a sheriff’s deputy, stole his cruiser and robbed a convenience store early Wednesday, triggering an intensive manhunt in a heavily wooded rural town in Maine, officials said.

Somerset County Cpl. Sheriff Eugene Cole was killed at about 1:45 a.m. on U.S. Route 2 in Norridgewock about 60 miles (96 kilometers) west of Bangor, state police said. His cruiser was driven to a Cumberland Farms store, which was robbed.

Aircraft and armored vehicles were seen around Norridgewock and schools were locked down as federal, state and local law enforcement officials searched for 29-year-old John Williams, of Madison, Maine, who remained on the loose after abandoning the stolen cruiser, state police said Wednesday.

“Many times we’re able to say that there is not an ongoing threat, but that’s not the case today,” said State Police Lt. Col. John Cote at a news conference. “There certainly is an ongoing public threat. He’s considered armed and dangerous.”
Story here. 

I'm about to piss a great many of you but fuck it.  We've gone round and round about Black Lives Matter.  I said they're a protest group.  You guys said they were much more.  I said ANTIFA was simply anti-fascists and you guys supported the people on the other side (yeah....some of you supported Nazis).

Ok.  So be it.

But ya know what you've missed?  These Sovereign Citizens.  Out of all the groups that worry me, from infiltration of terrorists groups into America, to Nazis/KKK, the only ones that cause me pause because I'm absolutely convinced they're batshit crazy are the Sovereign Citizens.

Unbeknownst to most they've been on a rampage over the past couple of years and I'd bet that 90% of the police shootings are either members or sympathizers to their positions.

You want to know what group needs to be focused on because they're a real threat? 

Sovereign Citizens.

The FBI should get out of doing the public relations non-sense of targeting protest groups and get after the guys gunning for cops.

Side note.  This dude might be some whacked out Meth Head (and not a Sovereign Citizen) but it doesn't change any of the above.  

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