Saturday, April 07, 2018

Hi Rez Pics of the Turk M60A3 Modernization

Thanks to Toni for the pics...

Looks good but I wonder why they didn't extend the add-on armor all the way down?  As we saw with the M1 Abrams in urban fighting in Iraq, enemy missile men will exploit gaps in armor protection.

When APS fails (or needs to be reloaded) you need armor to fill the gap.

It will take a well aimed shot but we've seen it done before.  I could be wrong but for an otherwise excellent looking upgrade they seem to have left a glaring weakness.

Of course this still makes me wonder which way the Corps will go with the future of tanks.

Will we opt for a MGS version of the ACV, keep M1's for the foreseeable future or will they go away in favor of anti-tank missiles for anti-armor work and direct fire?

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