Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Is this real? 4 Navy E-6B's airborne?

Can't spell your name but thanks for the link dude!

Just plain wow.

This is straight Mattis.  Dude doesn't take a shit without a plan.  And he will plan for an unexpected escalation all the way up to the possibility of nuclear war.  That's just what he does. 

Additionally this is straight Dunford.  Don't know either of them but I'm guessing he felt beyond constrained under Obama and now he has a President that will take the leash off and his good friend as SecDef?  Dude is planning the strikes to a "T" and is probably driving a few Colonels crazy wanting plans for ever scenario that they can imagine and a few that only crazies could think up.

The funny thing (not funny funny but funny strange)?

The Russians appear to be doing the same.

Cooler heads.  You might not believe in the almighty but if you do then pray for cooler heads to prevail.

Fucking Syria ain't worth all this drama.

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