Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Israel is preparing for a direct attack from Iran (Warning Rant!)

via Daily Mail.
Israel is preparing for a revenge attack from Iran after the bombing of an air base in Syria last week, which killed seven Iranian soldiers.

Israel has officially neither confirmed nor denied the attack, but an Israeli Defence Force source told the New York Times they were responsible for the raid on April 9.

Now, Israel is bracing itself for an attack directly from Iran, launched by the country's Revolutionary Guard Corps, to avenge the seven dead soldiers.
Story here.

I'm a supporter of Israel but they're dancing on my last nerve.  This ain't a fucking game and if they think they can provoke a war with Iran in the hopes that people like me will automatically support them they're fucking wrong.

This is more Syrian war goofiness and more hidden agendas.  Much of it from my own govt but Israel definitely trying their hand at the idiocy.

Fuck around and start a regional war I'm sure I'll come around but DAMN IT stop it. 

America is past tired of these endless wars in the Middle East.  If you want a strong ally then give us the space to rest and retool.

Keep pushing this Iran vs. Saudi Arabia/GCC with Israel taking shots too and I think the whole region will be pissed when they start learning Persian because we've run out of fucks to give.


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