Friday, April 06, 2018

Italian Navy aircraft carriers Cavour (550) and Garibaldi (551) during a training exercise

I cannot state enough how the US Marine Corps is starting to evolve toward a more Italian amphibious force type construct.  They currently use a mix of wheeled and tracked amphibious vehicles (this is off the top of the head but I think they currently use the Piranha III, and will be transitioning to the SuperAV along with the AAV), they have the Cavour which is smaller but will fill the same role as the first two America Class LHD...quite frankly its amazing how much influence they appear to have had on Marine Corps planners.

That influence doesn't stop there though.  If you look at the "Maritime Raid Force" I see hints of how the Royal Marines operate aboard ship and the beat goes on.

We need to take a beat and get back to being a middle weight force that wins battles...Shock Troops from the sea....a return to the Marine Corps that has won the day for the last 200+ years.

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