Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Navy Matters Blog on the AFSB (formerly the MLP)

via Navy Matters
How many times have I said it?  Before you build a ship you spell out a concept of operations (CONOPS).  Well, the Navy has violated that simple requirement yet again and now we’re seeing the Navy flounder yet again, trying to figure out how to use a ship.  This time it’s the Afloat Forward Staging Base, USNS Lewis B. Puller, which is replacing the USS Ponce – yes, I know, the Navy is resorting to another of their gimmicks to try to make the size of the fleet appear larger by commissioning the Puller into the Navy instead of residing in the Military Sealift Command where all other similar ships and, in fact, its sister ship reside.  That aside …

The floundering is highlighted in what was, no doubt, intended to be a celebratory article on the USNI News website (1) about the arrival of Puller to the 5th Fleet.  Read the following snippets and you’ll get a sense that the Navy has a ship with no pre-defined role and is desperately searching for something it can do.  The ship’s Captain appears to have been tasked with trying to “sell” the ship to the rest of the Navy/Marines and find something for it to do.
Story here. 

If you've been a long time reader of this blog then you know I've floated the Reinforced MEU Concept with the AFSB acting as a surrogate LCAC carrier AND a staging platform for additional rotary winged aircraft and even armor.

We have the ships and the crews so it would cost us nothing more PLUS it would enhance our amphibious assault force.

Are they listening?


Is it still a good idea?

You bet your ass.

Hey Captain instead of searching for missions and begging people to come aboard to train, how about you talk to the bubbas in Naval Operations and pitch this idea.

You can even take credit you son of a bitch, I don't care, but it will make our force more lethal.


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