Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Plasan's Yagu Ultralight Special Ops Combat Vehicle...UPDATED & Reassessed!

Defense Update has a really good writeup and vid of this vehicle (found here).

OK guys.  Here we go with a new assessment on this vehicle.  I've had a chance to read more and what I missed at Defense Update is the (what I believe to be) intended role of the vehicle.

My new take.

This solves the problem of the internally carried vehicle.

What are those problems.  Lack of armor/crew protection.  Exposed crew to weapons fire (individual and light crew served weapons) and absolutely NO protection against IEDs.

I said earlier that this vehicle was aimed at the new hotness which is light vehicles for Special Ops to conduct raids in and on that point I was right.

This fills a niche that has gone unnoticed, or simply too challenging for many. Plasan tackled it and in that light they've probably done as good a job as is technologically feasible with current tech.

It's still a weird puppy but I think I understand it now.

Sidenote.  I also commented on its rough ground performance.  From looking at the vid it seems able to scoot along broken ground but the low ground clearance still gives me some concern.  From what I can see of the suspension it looks like it COULD be made adjustable but I wonder how much weight that would add and if it would be considered worthwhile for a little extra performance?  Regardless the real solution is to get the stamp of combat proven with the IDF to kick off sales.

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