Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Russia is posturing for a fight...reports of the USS Donald Cook being harassed in the Med.

Thanks to Drinas for the link!

The enemy gets a vote and Russia is posturing for a fight.  I've been monitoring all kinds of news about Russian activity in Syria and it's looking like a huge meatgrinder is starting to turn.

Besides news that the USS Donald Cook has been harassed by Russian warplanes in the Med, we also get word that they've put their forces on full alert.

If you're thinking that this would be a limited strike to teach the Assad regime a lesson I think you're mistaken.

This looks like it could spiral unless cooler heads prevail.

While the President, WarHawks in Congress and the main stream news media all scream for war, I'm sure the hotline in Syria between US and Russian forces is melting down from all the use it's getting.

But what happens if strikes are ordered?

I don't know.  I don't think this will be WW3 but I think both sides will be bloodied in ways we haven't experienced lately...at least since Vietnam.

I think airpower in the US will get a huge wake up call too.  Drones are being jammed by Russian forces and I'd bet they have other surprises (as will we) that aren't in the open.

My prediction?

It'll be a go.

They'll launch cruise missiles with the bulk being from the US and a small spattering from the UK and France.  The air strike package will be the same players and I predict we'll see 4 or 5 aircraft knocked down.  If the crews survive and don't land in terrorist controlled areas they'll be treated and released pretty soon.

Everyone will go back into their corner and the IDIOCY that is Syria will continue.

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