Saturday, April 07, 2018

Russian army unveils new BMPT fire support armored vehicle at military parade rehearsal...via Army Recognition...

Story here.

Some of you guys have been talking about this vehicle but this is the first I've laid eyes on it.

The funny thing?

The US Army and Marine Corps are talking about fighting in urban areas.  If they're serious then we're gonna need this type of vehicle.  Heavy guns with great elevation that can reach the upper floors of tall buildings...yeah, we should be building one too if we're serious about going into that meat grinding, lost battalion fuck fest of a fight.

I know the Marine Corps thinking.

They believe that the Expeditionary Rifle Squad and/or the Company Landing Team can make quick surgical raids and/or support SOCOM doing the same.

I don't believe even that is possible in the future against terrorists not to mention nation state forces but they're determined so I'm betting we'll see the real deal soon enough.

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