Sunday, April 01, 2018

Russian T-15 Heavy APC Fire Support Variant?

Thanks to Costas TT for the link!

On the basis of the heavy unified platform "Armata" it is planned to create a whole family of armored vehicles for various purposes. At present, the need to create the so-called "Russian Merkava" - versions of the T-15 BMP with tank armament is being discussed. They will include the "heavy units" of the ground forces of the Russian army. This is reported by sources in the military industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

We are talking about the possibility of equipping some infantry combat vehicles with a unified combat module, which was created on the topic "Breakthrough 3". At present, we see it on the modernized T-90M tank.

As expected, the novelty should remain the possibility of transporting motorized rifles, but in a somewhat reduced composition.

Experts emphasize that the new version of the heavy infantry fighting vehicle should not replace the T-14 tanks, but be their addition on the battlefield. They will be in the same battalions along with the usual T-15.
Story here. 

I tried to link to the translated version.  If it doesn't work and you don't use Google then Babel Fish is your best bet.

Is this from fanboys, computer gamers or Russian Think Tanks throwing out a possibility I don't know.  What I do know is that the Armata is gonna one expensive MBT (by Russian standards) and if they can get an alternate type of fire support platform for less demanding missions then it makes sense.

I anxiously wait to see what happens.

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