Saturday, April 14, 2018

Strike on Syrian Chemical Facilities/Command & Control...was it worth it?

Was the strike on Syrian Chemical Facilities/Command & Control sites worth it?

From my chair it comes down to two opposing views....

1.  The use of chemical weapons, even if not verified, is a global norm that MUST NOT BE ALLOWED!  Full stop, nothing further.

2.  These strikes were simply another tool used to blunt Assad from securing his country which is being torn apart due to a civil war.  The timing of the accusations of chemical use always happens at times when the Syrian Army is on the move against terrorist forces.  It's beyond obvious that we're looking at false flag operations to involve us further in that conflict.



Fortunately life isn't really that hard if you break shit down to its basic components (which is why I'm such a fan of Thoreau).

So the question is on the table.

The US and its allies (French and the UK) expended several million dollars worth of munitions to destroy sites in Syria.

Was it worth it or is it as I stated yesterday just a huge dog and pony show in the desert?

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