Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Russians built a "new" T-35 for the May Day's batshit's's pure Russia....

 A couple of readers were talking about this earlier this week but this month has been blasted for me.  When I finally got round to it all I could say is wow.

This is batshit crazy.

It's glorious.

It's pure Russia and I'm glad they did it.

If you check out the West we have a fascination with aviation.  For the most part ground forces are ignored.  Try and find information on the web for armored, logistics or utility vehicles and its spotty at best.

Much to my annoyance even the Historical Branches of the Army & Marine Corps aren't as open as I would hope with information....don't even think about getting into the cache of photos on the vehicles!

But for armor buffs the Russians are different and as focused on aviation as we are, they're as focused on armor.

Enough from me.  Check out the site here (it's in Russian but if you use Google just set it to translate automatically and you're set).

Side Note.  That is ONE BIG TANK!  Now I understand the term "land battleship".

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