Friday, April 13, 2018

They want to attack Syria so what's the hold up?

The Trump admin has been pushing to strike Syria for almost a week now and yet still nothing.  What's the hold up?  We know they want to so why are they waiting?

A few possibilities come to mind....

1.  The evidence is shaky at best and they can't push another conflict that isn't solid.  The powers that be understand that they don't control information so anything but solid evidence will be challenged.  They don't have it so they must wait.

2.  The pushback from the Russians have us stalled.  It could be that the original war plan assumed that the Russians would sit idly by while we struck where ever we wanted.  That's not the case anymore.  Could they be registering this new information and need more time to reformulate a new attack plan?

3.  Shaky allies.  France and the UK are all hot to trot to attack Syria.  BEFORE the Russians made their declarations that any attack would be met with force. They're both saying that the attack should be limited in scope and should only attack targets that produce the weapons in question.

4.  All of the above.

Personally I believe that we're seeing a rather panicked reaction to the idea of engaging the Russians in open combat over Syria.  I believe the adults in the room are rethinking things and trying to devise a new plan.


We're coming up on the weekend and usually this kind of thing is timed for late Fri night, maybe late Sat but my guess is any strike at this point will be limited with much communication to Russia about targets and intentions.

In other words I think we're gonna get a show pony display of power to satisfy certain groups that believe we "have a duty to protect".

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