Saturday, April 21, 2018

This judge is a piece of shit. Not even the courts are to be trusted....

First check out the vid above and read the story here.

This judge is a piece of shit.  Ignore the fact that the woman was obviously suffering medical issues, this glorified bitch wearing judges robes talked down to damn near everyone in the courtroom.

Too many people don't realize a simple fact.

If you want respect you have to give it.  If you don't give it don't expect it.  I don't care who you are, what you're doing or what you think you're entitled to.

Resigning is too good for this whore.  She needs to suffer some consequences for this shit show she put on.

The terrible thing for the country?

Not even the courts can be trusted.  Instead of interpreting the law they've started MAKING law to fit their own personal agendas.

So you tell me.

What institution do we have that we can trust?  The military?  After 20 years of warfare and they're saying we need to stay the course?  The police?  When they've been turned into a revenue generating operation for municipalities? The church?  When we've seen them teach everything but the word of God and all the scandals that they have on an almost daily basis?  Education?  The last thing they're doing is educating kids.  Hospitals/Medical personnel?  How when we have more deaths each year from medical mistakes than we do from firearms?

We're screwed people.  The terrible fact is that on a societal basis we've already hit bottom.  We just need to feel a bounce or two before it becomes widespread knowledge.

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