Monday, April 09, 2018

Trump is walking blind into a Neo-Con/Globalist/Interventionist limited combat with Russia now inevitable?

This latest gas attack in Syria and Trump's off the cuff response had me worried.

Russia's response has me even more worried.

I personally have a gut feeling that we're looking at a setup.  It makes no sense for Assad to have used chemical weapons.  They are rolling up their enemy and have them on the run.  The partition of Syria is in progress with Turkey gobbling up the Kurds as we speak, US forces attempting to hold ground with Special Ops (a mission they are NOT designed to do...even the specialist in that role the Green Berets would need MASSIVE conventional help to do the deed if they're combat multiplying by using host nation/insurgent forces) and the Israelis are doing what they do.

But back on task.

This false flag is designed to mute Trump's talk of withdrawal and its working like a charm.

Even worse.

I think a response will require the Russians to actually fire on our guys.  The weird thing?  The F-35 just arrived in theater so I think this might all be part of the planning.  A little combat debut for the bastard of an airplane with body bags filled with our special ops bubbas to accentuate the point.

The Russians won't back down from this fight. Check out a link Drinas gave us....
A post from the Saker blog, I copy paste almost the whole thing, it is of great interest I believe.

"I just spend about 2 hour listening to a TV debate of Russian experts about what to do about the USA. Here are a few interesting interesting points.

1)..the only way to stop this is to deliberately bring the world right up to the point were a full-scale US-Russian war was imminent or even locally started. They said that it was fundamentally wrong for Russia to reply with just words against Western actions.

3) Another interesting conclusion was th at the only really question for Russia is whether Russia would be better off delaying this maximal crisis or accelerating the events and making everything happen sooner. There was no consensus on that.

4) Next, there was an consensus view that pleading, reasoning, asking for fairness or justice, or even for common sense, was futile. The Russian view is simple: the West is ruled by a gang of thugs supported by an infinitely lying and hypocritical media while the general public in the West has been hopelessly zombified.

5) There was also a broad consensus that th e US elites are not taking Russia seriously and that the current Russian diplomatic efforts are futile (especially towards the UK). The only way to change that would be with very harsh measures, including diplomatic and military ones. ..

6) To my amazement, the notion that Russia might have to sink a few USN ships or use Kalibers on US forces in the Middle-East was viewed as a real, maybe inevitable, option. Really – nobody objected.
This whole war has been a setup and batshit stupid.  ISIS should have been crushed in days not years.


Now we have a real possibility of the US and Russia actually crossing swords.

This is why I hate the elite.  They're about to play games with the lives of people who are true believers in the red, white and blue.  They're being propelled by greed and a jacked up worldview of America world police.

We need adults in positions of power and all we have are toddlers masquerading as men and women.

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