Sunday, April 08, 2018

USAF Special Operations CV-22 land in Japan?

Want to talk about a low density, high demand asset?  Look at the USAF CV-22.

Just my opinion (and gut view of available information) but it seems like SOCOM uses the CV-22 mostly (almost exclusively) in long range raids.  Unless the mission calls for that particular mission set then you're more likely to see Army Special Ops Blackhawks or Chinooks used (or Navy MH-60s when they had squadrons dedicated to supporting SEALs).

That's why we've seen them used in Africa (huge place).  It's also why they're used in Syria (well speed is the main reason there).

But why Japan when SOCOM is as overstretched if not more than the conventional force.

Just spitballing but could planning and troops still be being moved into place in case talks between Trump and the little fat boy fall thru?

I'm not ready to state that as fact but it is an itch in the back of the brain that I can't quite scratch.

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