Wednesday, April 04, 2018

YouTube shooter was a muslim, female, liberal....many speculated that a gun rights guy would do the deed...

via Heavy.
38-year-old woman who was angry at YouTube opened fire at the video-sharing website’s headquarters in San Bruno, California, on Tuesday, April 3.

Police say that Nasim Aghdam wounded three people before fatally shooting herself. Police recovered a Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun at the scene. The gun was registered to Aghdam, who police say went to a shooting range before heading to YouTube.

According to her website and various social media posts, Aghdam believed that YouTube was discriminating against her videos, causing her to lose money and views. Police revealed her identity on Tuesday night.
Story here. 

This is terrible news.  Truly horrible and I cringe at the loss of life.


YouTube has gone after gun channels with a vengeance.  They've gone so far that I truly believe they have an agenda to end any channel that even touches on guns, gun rights, gear, training etc...

Many thought that a gun guy would do the deed its been so bad.

No seriously!

We've evolved into a stage in our soceital development that YouTube was a major source of funding for some people.  I've heard that certain channels bring in hundreds of thousands and a rare few even millions.

Don't know if any gun channel was that popular but does it matter?

Corporations have started playing a dangerous game.

They've begun to stick their fingers in the wind and try and take sides in societal matters.

In one way its brilliant.  You don't hear about corporate responsibility with regard to worker pay, benefits, that's been replaced with corporate responsibility with regard to their stance on social issues.

That don't cost a dime and usually involves simply saying something a particular group wants to hear mixed with the bludgeon of advertising dollars or sponsorship or even where events are held.

My prediction?

This terrible thing is just the start unless corporate America decides to get out of social issues and focuses once again on selling shit.

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