Thursday, May 10, 2018

3 US Dollars in Venezuelan Money....Democracy might suck but Socialism sucks way worse!

I'm not gonna list the tumblr page cause I don't want to get the guy banned because he mostly posts on military topics and the long knives are out for military related information on that site.


He did post the above pic and stated that the money you see in that wheelbarrow equals 3 US dollars.

Simply amazing.

The only saving grace..the only hope that the Venezuelan people have lies on two fronts.  The first that they can kick their pathetic leadership to the side and the second is that oil prices keep rising.

So yeah.

They're praying to God every night that oil prices rise.

Democracy might suck but Socialism sucks way worse...hopefully you get my meaning...

Side note.  I've been waiting for that country to pop for awhile now but somehow it keeps rolling on. I don't know if we should praise the people for tremendous fortitude or bash them for putting up with utter bullshit but while it's raggedy as fuck it remains intact.

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