Friday, May 18, 2018

3/4 running the range @ ITX-18....major league suckage!

How hot and bright is it?  I'm not sure but I'd bet he has a filter on the lens!

I love the caption that they put on this pic.  "Running to the sound of chaos!"

Kinda stirs the soul doesn't it.

Young pups get raging hard ons thinking "Man that shit is cool...I want to do that!".

Of course reality doesn't hit till ya do it.

What does the pic actually show but the uninformed don't get?  This pic was taken in the freaking Mojave desert.  In case you don't know that region then trust me on this.  Full on summer is already there.  Sleeves are down.  Why? Because if you show those guns you work so hard in the gym to get you'll at best get the worst farmers tan of your life or at worst, sunburned so bad they actually might have to hospitalize you (plus its cooler...never understood that but it is).

More on the desert.  It's probably 100 degrees already with bouts of it almost hitting 110. 

Then there is the distance to the objective.

I don't know if those are simulated impacts or if they're real deal.  Doesn't matter to the infantry.  That's where you're going in full gear.

Most here know the deal so I'm not ruining a Recruiters time on the trail (hope you hit your mark...heard they have no sympathy if ya don't) so no foul.  But make no mistake.  The shit you see above sucks donkey dick.

The weird thing?

This is major league suckage but one of the best times of your life.

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