Friday, May 04, 2018

Blast from the past. Don't let the horror of war be washed away....

Ashkenazi woman chased by boys with clubs occupied Poland July 1941

Who are the "Ashkenazi"?  They're Jews by another name from what I gather. Why are we talking about this?  Because a Tumblr page that covered military matters and historical events was shut down supposedly because he posted pics like you see above and the owners of the site decided it "incited violence".

Utter bullshit on a cracker but there you have it.

Don't let them wash away the horror of war.  History is to be embraced.  It might not be lovely.  It might be disturbing in ways we don't want to think about but it must be faced.

What you see above is an example of that history.

Young boys in Poland chasing down a jewish woman and it was captured on film. 

Drink in the pic.

She's already been injured.

She's in full panic mode and obviously (justifiably) feels her very existence is threatened.

Now look at the boys.

Almost gleeful.  Determined to get the deed done.

Drink it in and never forget.

Add this to your personal photo collection.  One day it might be the only trace of this despicable part of human history.

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